A Moment for Crows

Crow by Takashi Okada

Did you know that crows are probably one of the most intelligent animals on the planet?

Recent studies have shown that crows build and use tools, just as humans do.
What kind of tools?
Knifes, shovels, and hooks.
Crows have been known to drop nuts from the perfect height to break the shell but leave the meat intact.
Crows have figured out to collect change in order to get food from vending machines.
Crows have used traffic to break nuts open and have watched the traffic lights to make sure they don't get hit by cars.
Crows are so clever that a Japanese task force charged with stopping the crows from stealing wire, gave up after the crows built fake nests to trick them.
Researchers in Washington wore rubber masks when interacting with the crows and the crows could remember each indivual face and pass this information onto other crows.
Crows have regional dialect, meaning that crows in different parts of the country say the say thing only in slightly different ways. Kind of like an accent.
So think about how intelligent crows are the next time you see one. Whether you are kind or cruel, chances are they will remember your face for the next thirty years and tell their friends about it.